Who are we?

About us

We're a micro Independent Software Vendor (ISV) providing professional software components for the Microsoft .Net platform. We truely understand what the user really needs and what a product supposed to be. Our solutions are based on our unique research and genuine code, and our products are designed for ease of use, reliability and flexibility.

Licensing your .Net components/applications?

Check out our .Net Licensing!

Undo/Redo layout of docking windows?

Check out our WPF Docking!

What we offer?

.Net Licensing

.Net Licensing

.Net Licensing is a lightweight yet comprehensive licensing solution for Microsoft .Net platform. Protect your .Net components and applications from illegal use.

This solution, provided as a .Net component, provides the same level security as signing your .Net assembly, and gives you utmost control and flexibility. We use this solution extensively for all our products, including this product itself.

WPF Docking

WPF Docking

WPF Docking is a docking library to integrate undo/redo-able tabbed docking, floating and auto hide window management into your application in minutes.

Designed and developed by Weifen Luo, the author of the most widely used open source Windows Forms based DockPanel Suite, we understand your needs and we do much more than just implemementing the features.

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