Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) Design Pattern with WPF Docking

by Weifen Luo (DevZest) 10. February 2010 13:37
Download Source: (183KB)   Today an evaluation user asked how to implement MVVM design pattern with WPF Docking. Here is a sample application modified from the MSDN Magazine article WPF Apps With The Model-View-ViewModel Design Pattern(by Josh Smith): the application c... [More]

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Object.ToString() Using Invariant Culture

by Weifen Luo (DevZest) 17. September 2009 23:29
Today, an Italian user of WPF Docking reported a bug in BrowserDockSample: the saved floating window position is not correctly loaded - it seems the loaded floating window is displayed at far right bottom of the screen. Taking the saved XAML text under the Italian culture: <DockLayout xmlns... [More]



WPF Docking Document Tab Icon

by Weifen Luo (DevZest) 25. August 2009 09:52
A commonly required feature for WPF Docking is the ability to show/hide icon for document tab. Though it can be accomplished by apply a custom template for DocumentTab class, we added this feature in version 1.0.3520 to make everybody’s life easier. A new DocumentTab.ShowsIcon attached pro... [More]

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WPF vs. Windows Forms, From Control Authoring Perspective

by Weifen Luo (DevZest) 17. August 2009 11:40
Recently I received an enquiry asking if I can provide documentation and support for DockPanel Suite similar as provided for WPF Docking, which he is willing to pay more for that. Well I love to get paid (who else not?), but after consideration I had to reply with the answer “no”. One ma... [More]

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