WPF Data Virtualization

by Weifen Luo (DevZest) 11. April 2010 19:12
Download DataVirtualization_Src.zip (40KB) Introduction In a typical WPF + WCF LOB application, displaying and interacting a large data set is not a trivial task. While several posts on internet forums discuss data virtualization, none of them has all the following: Selection, sorting and... [More]

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WPF SplitContainer

by Weifen Luo (DevZest) 7. August 2009 17:50
Download: SplitContainer.zip (60KB) Introduction Windows Forms has a very handy SplitContainer control that you can use to resize two child panels. In WPF world we're out of the luck - we must use Grid and GridSplitter which is not intuive, and most importantly, can only data binding to ... [More]

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