WPF Data Virtualization

by Weifen Luo (DevZest) 11. April 2010 19:12
Download DataVirtualization_Src.zip (40KB) Introduction In a typical WPF + WCF LOB application, displaying and interacting a large data set is not a trivial task. While several posts on internet forums discuss data virtualization, none of them has all the following: Selection, sorting and... [More]

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Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) Design Pattern with WPF Docking

by Weifen Luo (DevZest) 10. February 2010 13:37
Download Source: MvvmDemoApp.zip (183KB)   Today an evaluation user asked how to implement MVVM design pattern with WPF Docking. Here is a sample application modified from the MSDN Magazine article WPF Apps With The Model-View-ViewModel Design Pattern(by Josh Smith): the application c... [More]

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IList in Expression Blend Designer

by Weifen Luo (DevZest) 17. December 2009 09:31
Recently an user of WPF Dockingreported a bug that in Expression Blend the sample window is not rendering. The Blend window says "Invalid XML", the error message in the results pane says: The property "ShowActions" can only be set once; The property "ShowActions" ... [More]


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WPF Survey Form Implementation

by Weifen Luo (DevZest) 11. December 2009 13:08
Download Source Code (29KB) Introduction Recently I’m working on a LOB (Line-of-Business) application requires implementing couple of survey forms to collect data from the user (yes, in addition to sell our software products, we provide .Net consulting service too). Here is a clean implementat... [More]


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UAC Demystified

by Weifen Luo (DevZest) 25. August 2009 11:00
After posting the blog Programming Elevated Privilege / UAC, I realized I should post a separate blog to discuss UAC first. Before Window NT (Windows 3.1, Win95, 98), there is no concept of user or user privilege. At that time, Windows are built on top of DOS, and DOS is a very simple operating sys... [More]

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WPF Docking Document Tab Icon

by Weifen Luo (DevZest) 25. August 2009 09:52
A commonly required feature for WPF Docking is the ability to show/hide icon for document tab. Though it can be accomplished by apply a custom template for DocumentTab class, we added this feature in version 1.0.3520 to make everybody’s life easier. A new DocumentTab.ShowsIcon attached pro... [More]

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WPF vs. Windows Forms, From Control Authoring Perspective

by Weifen Luo (DevZest) 17. August 2009 11:40
Recently I received an enquiry asking if I can provide documentation and support for DockPanel Suite similar as provided for WPF Docking, which he is willing to pay more for that. Well I love to get paid (who else not?), but after consideration I had to reply with the answer “no”. One ma... [More]

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Programming Elevated Privilege/UAC

by Weifen Luo (DevZest) 14. August 2009 16:01
  Download Source: ElevatedPrivilege.zip (40KB) Introduction Running applications with more privileges than required is against the principle of least privilege, and may have potential security vulnerability. To defend this, Windows Vista introduces User Account Control (UAC), to p... [More]

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WPF SplitContainer

by Weifen Luo (DevZest) 7. August 2009 17:50
Download: SplitContainer.zip (60KB) Introduction Windows Forms has a very handy SplitContainer control that you can use to resize two child panels. In WPF world we're out of the luck - we must use Grid and GridSplitter which is not intuive, and most importantly, can only data binding to ... [More]

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